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UC Davis 2017 Fall Festival

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Date: October 13-15, 2017 (CE course offered Sunday, Oct. 15)

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Continuing Education Program Schedule

CE: up to 8 credits available

Webinar: available for all Continuing Education lecture tracks (but not for labs).

If you have never attended a Zoom Webinar meeting before, test your connection. Please review How to join a meeting/webinarTips on Getting Started & System Requirements for further information. The webinar is only available live, in Pacific Standard Time.  Webinar attendees will receive full CE credit since it is live and interactive.

Continuing Education Fall Festival Speakers | Sunday, October 15, 2017

  • Dr. Julie Dechant
  • Dr. Ron Li
  • Dr. Emily Berryhill
  • Dr. Ingrid Balsa
  • Dr. Mathieu Spriet
  • Dr. Chai Fei Li
  • Dr. Isabelle Kilcoyne
  • Dr. Nicola Pusturla
  • Dr. Jennifer Willcox
  • Dr. Jodi Westropp
  • Dr. Gary Magdesian
  • Dr. Catherine Gunther-Harrington
  • Dr. Jonathan Dear
  • Dr. Larry Galuppo
  • Dr. Guillaume Hoareau
  • Dr. Rebecca Bellone

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