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Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA) Course SYLLABUS


Taught in English For Veterinarians & Veterinary Students only 143 RACE approved CE hours
Online Session
  • Online Modules 1-5
  • Online Module 1
    Introduction to the program and History Veterinary Acupuncture 1h
    What is Acupuncture 1h
    Veterinary Acupuncture: Scientific Basis 2h
    Basic TCVM Theories - Yin Yang 1h
    Eight Principles and Bian Zheng 1h
    Five Elements 2h
    Zang-Fu Physiology 2h
    Channels and Meridians 2h
    Top 10 Canine Acupoints and Clinical Applications 1h
    General Rules of Acupuncture 4h
    Indications for Veterinary Acupuncture 2h
    How to Start your Acupuncture Practice 1h
    Where Do I Start the Acupuncture Practice 1h
    SA Anatomy for Acupuncturists 1h

    Online Module 2
    Five Elements and Zang Fu physiology 2h
    Five-Shu Transporting Points 2h
    How to Make a TCVM Diagnosis 1h
    Other Special Points and Clinical Applications 2h
    How to Treat Canine Diseases-Demo 2h
    How to Treat Gastrointestinal Disorders 2h
    How to Treat Respiratory Disorders 2h
    How to Treat Bi/Wei Syndromes, Osteoarthritis and IVDD 2h
    Canine Acupuncture Cases-Demo 2h

    Online Module 3
    Five Treasure: Qi, Blood, Shen, Jing, Body Fluid Physiology and Pathology 4h
    TCVM Diagnosis 4h
    Eight Extraordinary Channels 2h
    Etiology and Pathology 2h
    How to Select Acupoints 2h
    How to Make a TCVM Diagnosis (Dry Lab) 2h
    Acupuncture for Neurological Disorders 2h
    How to Approach Clinical Cases 2h
    How to Improve Acupuncture Results 2h
    Small Animal Cases: TCVM Approach 3h

    Online Module 4
    Bubble Chart Review 1h
    A Quick Review from Sessions 1 to 3 1h
    How to Treat Renal Failure1h
    How to Treat Heart Failure 1h
    How to Treat Behavioral Problems 1h
    Herbal Introduction 2h
    Acupuncture for the Liver 2h
    How to Treat Skin Problems 2h
    Acupuncture for Cancer 2h
    Feline Acupuncture 2h
    Case Studies from Students 1h
    Avian Acupuncture 1h
    Exotic Animal Acupuncture 1h

    Online Module 5
    A Quick Review from Sessions 1 to 4 1h
    Acupuncture for Endocrine Disorder 2h
    Acupuncture for Immune-mediated Diseases 2h
    Clinical Applications of TCVM 2h
    Food Therapy Intro 1h
    Introduction to Tui-na 1h
    Liver Physiology and Pathology 1h
    Lung Physiology and Pathology 1h
    Spleen Physiology and Pathology 1h
    Heart Physiology and Pathology 1h
    Kidney Physiology and Pathology 1h
    TCVM Overview 1h
    How to Sell TCVM 1h
On-Site Session at UC Davis SVM
  • CVA Certification
  • Students of the Veterinary Acupuncture program are eligible for the Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist certification endorsed by Chi University and the World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (WATCVM). The CVA certification requirements are as follows:
         Complete all sessions of the program
         Pass three online quizzes with scores above 75%
         Pass the final written exam in the final on-site session with a score above 75%
         Pass the clinical acupoint exam in the final on-site session with a score above 75%
         Submit one veterinary acupuncture case report to be approved
         Complete 30 hours of advanced TCVM program training or internship with a certified veterinary acupuncturist

    Please note that Chi cannot issue any certification to veterinary students until their DVM or equivalent has been obtained.
    See the documents needed for certification here