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ISAZ Notes 2017


DA Giles, Killer Whales: the human impact abstract, notes

Diana Davis, One world one health in the dry half of the world abstract, notes

John Madigannewborn foal, neurodevelopment and links to autism spectrum disorder abstract, notes

Paul Mundell, Assistance Dogs for children abstract, notes

Layla Esposito, Research need for children & autism panelist

Leonard AbbedutoResearch need for children & autism panelist abstract

Ben Hart, When & If to Spay/Neuter a Dog abstract, notes

Anita Oberbauer, Gonadectomy Effects on Dogs' Risks of Immune Disorders abstract, notes

Kate Atema, Sterilization Policy & Practice form the Developing & Developed World abstract, notes

Gary Weitzman, Perspectives on Spay/Neuter from a Large Humane Society abstract, notes; Supporting Clients in Solving Behavior Problems abstract, notes

Melissa Bain, Client Considerations Prior to Elective Surgeries abstract, notes; Effective Communication to Promote Client Compliance in Treatment of Pet Problem Behaviors abstract, notes

Alice Villalobos, Recruiting Engagement While Educating Stressed Clients, abstract, notes

Emma GriggWhen Client Have Disabilities and Perhaps Service or Emotional Support Dogs, abstract, notes, references

Patrick PageatPhermonotherapy in Cats: Criteria to Select the Most Accurate Pheromone and Delivering Method, abstract, notes

Suzanne Kurtz, Effective Client Communication for Improved Compliance, abstract, notes

Scholarly Resources Panels

Mary Christopher

Anthony Podberscek

Andrea Ptak

Geoffrey Wandedforde-Smith

Lori Kogan

Phyllis Erdman

Deanna Johnson

Service Dog Panel

Bonnie Bergin

Clarissa Black

Pam Cohen

Megan Payton

Kerri Rodriguez

Podium Presenters

Lori Jervis abstract

Helena Pycior abstract

Harold Herzog abstract

Noémie A. Guérin abstract

Jane Kinkus Yatcilla abstract

Zenithson Ng abstract

Emma L. Hawkins abstract

Molly K. Crossman abstract

Catherine Amiot abstract

Carri Westgarth abstract

Patricia Pendry abstract

Sandy Branson abstract

Mirena Dimolareva abstract

Victoria Brelsford abstract

Chris Blazina abstract

Shawna Bush abstract

Christy L. Hoffman abstract

Birgit U. Stetina abstract

Rebecca Purewal abstract

Kristen C. Jacobson abstract

Nancy Gee abstract

Joanne M. Williams abstract

Mikel M. Delgado abstract

Emily Patterson-Kane abstract

Pauleen Bennett abstract

Roxanne D. Hawkins abstract

Evan L. MacLean abstract

Alexandra Protopopova abstract

Megan R. LaFollette abstract

Christabel Castro abstract

Stephen Albone abstract

Christine Tardif-Williams abstract

Jessica Jimenez abstract

Linda Kline abstract

Robert J. Liedtke abstract

Jessica Bibbo abstract

Mariko Yamamoto abstract

Kerri E. Rodriguez abstract

Megan Payton abstract

Stephanie Kuzara abstract

John-Tyler Binfet abstract

Nadine Dolby abstract

Sandra B. Barker abstract

Tia G. B. Hansen abstract

Ashleigh Ruehrdanz abstract

Elizabeth Ormerod abstract

Virginia Buechner-Maxwell abstract

Gretchen K. Carlisle abstract

Erin Flynn abstract

Molly A. Jenkins abstract

Lisa Gunter abstract

Brinda Jegatheesan abstract

Jessica L. Decker Sparks abstract

Poster Presenters

Junko Akiyama 

Bridget Anderson

Allison Andrukonis 

Megan Arant 

Saule Bekova

Nikki E. Bennet

Taryn Bromser-Kloeden

Alexa M. Carr

Catherine Doyle 

Nina Ekholm Fry 

Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers

Taryn M. Graham 

Emma K. Grigg

Elisabeth Gruskin

Benjamin L. Hart

Abigail P. Thigpen

Martha Jenkins

Rebecca A. Johnson

Elizabeth Kjellstrand Hartwig

Amanda K. Kruger

Robert W. Mitchell

Grace A. Carroll

Allison Boyrer

Jose M. Peralta

Annie Petersen

Stephanie Roeter

Pamela J. Schreiner 

Hisako Shimamori

Sloane Smith

Birgit U. Stetina

Jaymie L Vandagriff

Sandra Walther

Adrienne Wisok