2017 Winter Conference Speaker Notes

Dr. Sharif Aly: notes BRD in Calves

Dr. Sharif Aly: notes Captive Bolt

Dr. Boaz Arzi: PPTs Feline Dental Disorders

Dr. Boaz Arzi: PPTs Feline Dental Radiographic Interpretation

Dr. Tony Buffington: PPTs

Dr. Rosie Busch: PPTs

Jenna Celigija and Rebecca McCallister: PPTs

Dr. Amandeep Chohan: notes

Dr. Lauren Eichstadt: PPTs

Dr. Dan Famini: PPTs BYP Viable Part of Business

Dr. Dan Famini: PPTs Poultry Wound Care

Dr. Dan Famini: PPTs Husbandry

Dr. Dan Famini: notes Husbandry Sheet

Dr. Chen Gilor: notes Hypercortisolism

Dr. Chen Gilor: notes Insulin Formulation

Dr. Chen Gilor: notes Monitoring Insulin

Dr. Rob Grahn: PPTs

Dr. Guillaume Hoareau: notes Addisonian Dog

Dr. Guillaume Hoareau: notes Respiratory Distress

Dr. Hopper: notes

Dr. Karl Jandrey: notes

Dr. Lynelle Johnson: notes

Dr. Casey Kohen: notes

Dr. Terry Lehenbauer: PPTs

Dr. Bret McNabb: PPTs Calving School

Dr. Bret McNabb: PPTs Male Reproductive Disease

Dr. Bret McNabb: PPTs Advanced Reproductive Technology

Dr. Frank Mitloehner: PPTs

Dr. Frank Mitloehner: notes

Dr. Richard Pereira: PPTS

Dr. Maurice Pitesky: notes Mycoplasma

Dr. Maurice Pitesky: notes Small Commercial Flocks

Dr. Joan Rowe: notes

Dr. Josh Stern: notes and PPTs combined

Dr. Ken Tate: notes

Dr. Ken Tate: PPTs

Dr. Yu Ueda: PPTs Isotonic Crystalloid

Dr. Yu Ueda: PPTs Sodium Disorders

Dr. Alison Van Eenennaam: notes

Dr. Frank Verstraete: notes Feline Extraction Lab

Dr. Frank Verstraete: notes Radiographic Technique

Dr. Frank Verstraete: PPTs Feline Dental Extractions

Dr. Frank Verstraete: PPTs Feline Diagnostic Imaging

Dr. Frank Verstraete: notes Normal Feline Radiographs

Dr. Frank Verstraete: notes Extraction Kit

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