2017 Wildlife & Exotic Animal Symposium Speaker Notes

Dr. Matthew Allender: notes Snake Fungal Disease

Dr. Matthew Allender: notes A Snotty Turtle

Dr. Matthew Allender: notes Diagnostic Testing in Reptiles

Dr. Hugues Beaufrere: notes Avian Atherosclerosis

Dr. Hugues Beaufrere: notes Fluid Therapy in Birds

Dr. Hugues Beaufrere: notes Medicine & Surgery of Strigiformes

Jennifer Brown: notes Wildlife Regulations & Veterinarians in CA

Nicole Carion: notes Wildlife Regulations & Veterinarians in CA

Dr. Bruce Christensen: notes Lifetime Reproductive Planning

Dr. Kari Christie: notes Nonhuman Primate Anesthesia

Dr. Meredith Clancy: notes Field Medicine in a Captive Setting

Dr. Meredith Clancy: notes Careers in Wildlife/ Zoo Panel

Dr. Deana Clifford: notes CA Wildlife Outbreak Management

Dr. Jessica Emerson: notes What is Your Diagnosis?

Dr. Jessica Emerson: notes A Year in Review

Dr. Sara Gardhouse: notes Rodent Neoplasia Diagnostics & Theraputics

Dr. Joseph Gaydos: notes Disentangling Sea Lions

Dr. Joseph Gaydos: notes Careers in Wildlife/Zoo Panel

Dr. Janessa Gjeltema: notes Tarantula Medicine

Dr. David Guzman: notes Soft Tissue Surgical Principles & Techniques in Birds

Dr. David Guzman: notes Year In Review

Dr. Jonna Mazet: notes One Health Considerations in Zoological Medicine

Dr. Asli Mete: notes Backyard Chicken Diseases-Pathology & Diagnostic Approach

Dr. Brett Moore: notes How Our Animal Friends See

Dr. Mike Murray: notes Shark Medical Management

Dr. Joanne Paul-Murphy: notes Euthanasia Across Species

Dr. Joanne Paul-Murphy: notes Year in Review

Dr. Patricia Pesavento: notes Impact of Persistent Viral Infections on Wildlife

Dr. Esteban Soto: notes Emerging Diseases of Aquatic Animals in CA

Dr. Brittany Stevens: notes Non-Infectious Diseases of Goldfish & Koi

Dr. Frank Verstraete: notes Marine Mammal Dental Pathology

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