2016 IRIS Renal Week Speaker Notes

Lecture Recordings

Wednesday, 3/16/16 morning

Wednesday, 3/16/16 afternoon

Thursday, 3/17/16 morning

Thursday, 3/17/16 afternoon

Saturday, 3/19/16

Lab Recordings

Friday, 3/18/16, Labs 5 & & in Valley Room 1047

Speaker Notes

Dr. Larry Cowgill: PPTs Delivering an Adequate Dialysis Dose

Dr. Larry Cowgill: PPTs Hemodialyzers, Plasma Separators, Dialysate

Dr. Larry Cowgill: PPTs Principles and Indications for EERT

Dr. Larry Cowgill: PPTs When to Discontinue Hemodialysis

Dr. Larry Cowgill: PPTS Application of Novel Biomarkers in UTI

Dr. Larry Cowgill: PPTS How is the Kidney Impacted by Heart Disease

Dr. Larry Cowgill: PPTs Delivery of Slow Treatments on the IHD Platform

Dr. William Culp: notes

Dr. Jonathan Elliott: notes

Dr. JD Foster: notes on Options to Manage bone Disorders in CKD

Dr. JD Foster: notes on Plasma Adsorption for Cancer

Dr. JD Foster: PPts Predialysis Management

Dr. JD Foster: PPts Vascular Access

Dr. JD Foster: PPts Water Treatment

Dr. JD Foster: video Percutaneous Cat

Dr. JD Foster: video Seldinger Cat

Dr. Rebecca Geddes: PPTs

Dr. Cathy Langston: Veterinary Dialysis Handbook

Dr. Cathy Langston: PPTs Anticoagulation

Dr. Cathy Langston: PPTs Other Considerations

Dr. Cathy Langston: PPTs Prescription

Dr. Cathy Langston: PPTs Validating AKI

Dr. Cathy Langston: Worksheet for Lab #7

Dr. Cathy Langston: notes Dialysis Prescription Form

Dr. Cathy Langston: PPts Vascular Access Remediation

Dr. Ilaria Lippi: notes

Dr. Chuck Mohr: PPTs Biopsy Interpretation Part 1

Dr. Chuck Mohr: PPTs Biopsy Interpretation Part 2

Dr. Dan Negoianu: PPTs

Dr. Joao Orvalho: notes Cardiorenal Syndrome: How is the Heart Impacted by Kidney Disease?

Dr. Joao Orvalho: notes Cardiorenal Syndrome Practice Changes

Dr. Carrie Palm: notes Therapeutic Plasma Exchange IMHA

Dr. Valerie Parker: notes

Dr. Valerie Parker: PPTs

Dr. David Polzin: PPTs Napa Meeting

Dr. David Polzin: PPTs How Can We Tell if CKD is Progressing?

Dr. Sheri Ross: PPTs

Dr. Gilad Segev: notes

Dr. Andre Shih: PPTs

Dr. Robert Unwin: PPTs

Dr. Shelly Vaden: PPTs

Dr. David Ward: PPTs - Early Current and Emerging Blood Purification

Dr. David Ward: PPTs - Current Human Apheresis

Dr. Murthy Yerramelli: PPTs


Friday Lab Assignments

House Officer Seminar Day Schedule

House Officer Seminar Day Proccedings

CE Log


Abstract: Bruni-Supplementary Food

Abstract: Dufayet-Circumcaval

Abstract: PPTs Dufayet

Abstract: Etedali

Abstract: feline-morbillivirus-taiwan

Abstract: Heiene

Abstract: indoxyl-sulfate

Abstract: lanthanum

Abstract: Lapointe-Rivaroxaban

Abstract: lipid

Abstract: neutrophil-gelatinase

Abstract: NGAL

Abstract: Plasmaferesi

Abstract: Quimby